One more city joining SCAH: Welcome Berlin!

Together with Barcelona, Helsinki, Dubai, Phoenix, Ghent, Portland and Hong Kong, Berlin will join SCAH cities council as an associated city.

In Berlin, there are already many interdisciplinary projects that generate and utilize synergies from the public sphere, science and research, as well as businesses. Thanks to the existing research landscape and the large number of innovative companies, the city has a huge potential, particularly in the fields of energy technologies, transport and mobility, information and communication technologies, as well as healthcare industries. And there is a clear political commitment for Berlin as a smart city: In April 2015, the Berlin Senate decided on the Smart City Berlin Strategy (German). The objectives of the smart city strategy include expanding the international metropolitan region, increasing the resource efficiency and climate neutrality of Berlin by 2050, and creating a pilot market for innovative applications. We would like the Berlin citizens to become an integral part of this pilot phase. They are the ones who live and work here, so they should be the ones who shape the Smart City of Berlin.

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