150,000€ in prizes for the winners of the online competition launched by Smart City App Hack and FIWARE

Smart City App Hack (SCAH) and FIWARE jointly launch an online competition that will distribute up to 150,000€ in prizes for developers anywhere in the world using FIWARE or those who desire to start using it.

This competition is a great opportunity for developers, entrepreneurs, companies, and active citizens who have an app or a functional prototype and want to help boost their city as a Smart City.

Starting today, September 1st, and until October 15th, the enrolment period opens worldwide for this online competition in which apps have to respond to one of the five challenges identified by SCAH to improve the quality of life of citizens: energy, mobility, collaboration, tourism, and shopping.

The prizes for the apps making the best use of FIWARE are very attractive:

- Join the FIWARE Accelerator Program, a process valued at 100K (Because of the European nature of FIWARE Accelerator Program, only apps from European SMEs and Web entrepreneurs can apply)

- 10K in prize money plus additional global visibility during the Smart City Expo World Congress 2015, with more than 400 cities participating worldwide and involving 250 companies dedicated to smart cities.

- App presentation during the Mobile World Congress 2016.


The Process

The developers, entrepreneurs, companies, and citizens with an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) that fits within the five SCAH challenges only need to register on this site and create a profile for the app. Developers who wish to use FIWARE will have access to experts who will help them integrate the platform in the architecture of the app.

Compatible Awards

One of the many advantages of this competition is that the prizes are not exclusive. In other words, participants in this online competition can also register their app in any of the open competitions in the participating cities of Smart City App Hack and opt for the 5,000€ prize to be awarded to the best app in each category.

Your curiosity about new tools equals big prizes: SCAH – FIWARE Online Competition


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