Online Competition of Dubai SCAH is now open!

We have just opened the Online Competition of Dubai Smart City App Hack, the final phase of the Dubai SCAH challenge. In this phase we are calling all fully-developed apps to submit their app through the Appcircus platform and get the chance to win some big prizes, such as a paid trip to Barcelona for all team members in order to represent Dubai in the Global SCAH Finale on November 17-19, where they can win more prizes and eternal fame and glory!!

How can you submit your app?

– Join the Appcircus community.

– Create a nice public profile of your app

– Submit it at the Dubai SCAH Online Competition

Who can participate?

The challenge is open to all finished apps, those that have participated in the mentoring phase that took place from June to August but also new apps, that are already on the market and ready to compete. The only condition is that the apps are valid for Dubai and fall into one of the 5 SCAH theme areas: mobility, energy, collaboration, tourism and shopping.

More prizes

If your app uses already or is currently in the process of integrating FIWARE technology, by creating your app profile in appcircus you can also join the SCAH-FIWARE parallel competition and opt for the special prizes of FIWARE, valued up to 150.000€. Both competitions are compatible, create your app profile once and join both!

Deadline for app submissions SEPTEMBER 20. For more information regarding prizes, rules, T&Cs etc please visit our website

Lyon Smart City App Hack starts! Time to submit apps
150,000€ in prizes for the winners of the online competition launched by Smart City App Hack and FIWARE