Announcing the 15 app finalists who will compete in the Grand Final of Smart City App Hack

After eight months of hard work and a tough selection process, we are happy to announce the names of the 15 mobile apps that have reached the Grand Final of the Smart City App Hack (SCAH) to be held on the 17th and 18th of November during the Smart City Expo World Congress in Barcelona. Of the 15 finalists, four are from Barcelona, three from Lyon, two each from Phoenix, Dubai and Helsinki, and one each from New York and San Francisco.

These cities came together in order to engage citizens to create app based solutions for some of the challenges that 21st Century cities face today in Energy, Retail and Shopping, Culture and Tourism Urban Mobility and Collaborative City. The first three categories will compete on the 17th (5pm to 6pm in Congress Area, Room 2), while the remaining two categories will compete at the same time and location on the 18th.

The App Finalists are:

Culture and Tourism

Seety (Lyon) is an app that transforms running into a unique way to discover your city. Eventmore (Helsinki) is aimed at event organizers in order to help them with promotion, achieving better results for events. Tripuniq (Barcelona) allows people to customize their vacation according to the preferences of the traveller, taking into account recommendations by locals.

Energy and Emissions

The two app finalists are: Virtual Energy Advisor (Barcelona), a virtual consultant to improve energy efficiency, sharing experiences and energy- and money-saving tips with the community. The second is Knodes (New York), a network of low-cost sensors, powered by solar energy and e-paper monitors, that are managed via a webapp. Knodes helps cities to “hear” their environment and “talk” to their citizens.

Retail and Shopping

The apps that will compete in this category are: Her (Phoenix), a user-friendly app that allows voice search to carry out purchases and reservations. Chronoscènes (Lyon) presents last minute offers to enjoy shows the same night, acting like a one-stop ticket office. Glovo (Barcelona) connects those who want to buy, send or pick up a product in less than 60 minutes via a system of independent couriers. Lastly, Indoors (San Francisco) helps users locate and find special offers, improving shopping experiences in large shopping malls, airports, etc.

Collaborative City

Boxit (Dubai) connects people who need extra space with companies who can store personal items. Einvite (Dubai) is a smart event organizer that facilitates reserving and paying for business meetings, conferences, seminars, etc. Sharing Academy (Barcelona) is an app that functions as a ‘peer-to-peer’ in which college students share knowledge and learn from their colleagues with private lessons.

Urban Mobility

ParkX App (Phoenix) provides mobile payment solutions custom tailored to the specific needs of the user during parking operations. Tripgo (Helsinki) provides travel planning, presenting the most efficient way, or the cheapest and fastest route in real time. And Karos (Lyon) is an intelligent network of shared transportation that helps ensure more affordable and ecological commutes.

The prize for each of the five winners will be 5,000 euros. In addition, the special FIWARE and MasterCard awards, official sponsors of SCAH, will be presented on the 18th of November.


As a platform for fast development of smart applications in multiple sectors, FIWARE collaborates with Smart City App Hack to discover new talents and entrepreneurs with bright ideas to improve quality of life and efficiency in cities, which can be developed with the support of FIWARE Generic Enablers and the FIWARE Lab experimentation environment. Smart Cities is one of the most prominent domains where FIWARE is being adopted, and this is clearly reflected in the quality of the selected applications and usage of FIWARE technology.

Prizes for the apps that best integrate FIWARE, consisting of: joining the FIWARE Accelerator Programme (valued at 150,000 euros), 10,000 euros in cash prizes distributed in 5,000, 3,000, 1,500 and 500 euros, greater global visibility during the Smart City Expo and finally, presenting the application in the Mobile World Congress 2016.


In the words of Ovidio Egido, CEO of MasterCard Spain: “It is an honour for us to support programs such as the Smart City App Hack, whose essence is to build the foundations of future cities. We live in a changing society in which working together with the different units that comprise a city becomes a priority. Only then will it be possible to build a future for cities in which innovation and technological development predominate to enhance other fundamental aspects of daily life such as urban mobility, retail, sustainability, or the idea of ​​a collaborative city. The Smart City App Hack initiative perfectly combines all these concepts.” 

The MasterCard special award, consisting of a place in the Grand Finale of the “MasterCard Masters of code” which will take place in Silicon Valley and including flights, accommodation and the possibility of winning more prizes.

Smart City Apps Showcase and the SCAH Council

Additional to the finals, Smart City App Hack has prepared a series of activities that round off the project’s participation in the Smart City Expo World Congress. On the mornings of the 18th and 19th the “Smart City Apps Showcase” will give entrepreneurs that have participated in SCAH a chance to present their app outside of the competition. The presentations will take place in the Smart City Plaza (Speakers’ Corner) and are open to the public.

Furthermore, on the 19th the SCAH Council of Cities will get together in a meeting that will unite the representatives of all participating SCAH cities, in order to exchange experiences and practices with regard to civic engagement initiatives.

The timetables of all our activities during Smart City Expo World Congress can be found here.

For more information or to request an interview regarding the Smart City App Hack, you can get in contact via email on [email protected] You can also follow our updates on the Twitter account @smartcityhack with the hashtag #SCAH.

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