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This is all the time you need so as to watch this great video about the Smart City App Hack – Fiware competition. You’ll love it, especially the 150K € in prizes that you can win with your app.

If you are one of the pioneers that already have an app using FIWARE, you can easily join by submitting it here. If on the other hand you are still in the process of the app building and you are interested in including FIWARE technology in your app, this is your space to get some help and go a step further.

Don’t waste any time and join now!


Lyon Smart City App Hack starts! Time to submit apps

Lyon Smart City App Hack launched last friday, September 10.

La Métrople de Lyon and TUBA bring you the first Lyon Smart City App Hack competition, offering local champions the opportunity to promote their innovative solutions. The competition will take place in an international stage: the Smart City Expo 2015 in Barcelona. The prizes include: 5000€ in cash, a paid trip to Barcelona, and international visibility.

In you have an app, it’s time to submit it now through the Appcircus platform. Deadline for app submissions is September 25.

Submit Your app, win and make Lyon a smarter city!


Online Competition of Dubai SCAH is now open!

We have just opened the Online Competition of Dubai Smart City App Hack, the final phase of the Dubai SCAH challenge. In this phase we are calling all fully-developed apps to submit their app through the Appcircus platform and get the chance to win some big prizes, such as a paid trip to Barcelona for all team members in order to represent Dubai in the Global SCAH Finale on November 17-19, where they can win more prizes and eternal fame and glory!!

How can you submit your app?

– Join the Appcircus community.

– Create a nice public profile of your app

– Submit it at the Dubai SCAH Online Competition

Who can participate?

The challenge is open to all finished apps, those that have participated in the mentoring phase that took place from June to August but also new apps, that are already on the market and ready to compete. The only condition is that the apps are valid for Dubai and fall into one of the 5 SCAH theme areas: mobility, energy, collaboration, tourism and shopping.

More prizes

If your app uses already or is currently in the process of integrating FIWARE technology, by creating your app profile in appcircus you can also join the SCAH-FIWARE parallel competition and opt for the special prizes of FIWARE, valued up to 150.000€. Both competitions are compatible, create your app profile once and join both!

Deadline for app submissions SEPTEMBER 20. For more information regarding prizes, rules, T&Cs etc please visit our website


150,000€ in prizes for the winners of the online competition launched by Smart City App Hack and FIWARE

Smart City App Hack (SCAH) and FIWARE jointly launch an online competition that will distribute up to 150,000€ in prizes for developers anywhere in the world using FIWARE or those who desire to start using it.

This competition is a great opportunity for developers, entrepreneurs, companies, and active citizens who have an app or a functional prototype and want to help boost their city as a Smart City.

Starting today, September 1st, and until October 15th, the enrolment period opens worldwide for this online competition in which apps have to respond to one of the five challenges identified by SCAH to improve the quality of life of citizens: energy, mobility, collaboration, tourism, and shopping.

The prizes for the apps making the best use of FIWARE are very attractive:

- Join the FIWARE Accelerator Program, a process valued at 100K (Because of the European nature of FIWARE Accelerator Program, only apps from European SMEs and Web entrepreneurs can apply)

- 10K in prize money plus additional global visibility during the Smart City Expo World Congress 2015, with more than 400 cities participating worldwide and involving 250 companies dedicated to smart cities.

- App presentation during the Mobile World Congress 2016.


The Process

The developers, entrepreneurs, companies, and citizens with an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) that fits within the five SCAH challenges only need to register on this site and create a profile for the app. Developers who wish to use FIWARE will have access to experts who will help them integrate the platform in the architecture of the app.

Compatible Awards

One of the many advantages of this competition is that the prizes are not exclusive. In other words, participants in this online competition can also register their app in any of the open competitions in the participating cities of Smart City App Hack and opt for the 5,000€ prize to be awarded to the best app in each category.

Your curiosity about new tools equals big prizes: SCAH – FIWARE Online Competition



Time to compete at the Barcelona Online Competition

Barcelona Smart City App Hack just has launched its online competition, a great opportunity for developers, entrepreneurs, companies, and active citizens who have an app and want to help boost Barcelona as a Smart City.

From August 28th until September 12th we open the app submission process for this online competition in which, apps have to respond to one of the five challenges identified by SCAH to improve the quality of life of citizens: energy, mobility, collaboration, tourism, and shopping.

At this stage, projects developed during Barcelona SCAH and other apps interested in this great opportunity can submit their app and help to make Barcelona one of the main smart cities in the world.

Take part in the exciting competition for smart apps, 10.000 € in prizes are up for grabs!

Good luck to everyone!

Civic space daytime 2

It’s Never Too Late to Hack… SCAH Phoenix Online Competition

It’s time to compete in the Online Competition of the Phoenix Smart City App Hack. This part of the competition is for developed apps only. You can submit fully developed apps for your chance to pitch at our City Finale.

Our panel of judges will select up to 5 online apps to pitch along with our current 5 finalists for a chance to represent Phoenix at the International Competition at the Smart City Expo in Barcelona!

In a world where the future is at our fingertips, we are inviting developers who are striving to envision new and innovative ways that technology can be implemented into the smart city themes of urban mobility, energy & emissions, shopping & retail, culture & tourism, and the collaborative city.

We are excited to see what creative ways developers will make the city we live in even better. The online competition opened August 22nd and closes on September 15th.

Submit your developed app information today!

Keep looking at our website for contest updates.


SCAH_Phoenix: Meet the five lucky apps considered for the acceleration phase

Here is the moment we have been waiting for. After the Call For Entries period, which we saw people from all over the Valley (even one from overseas) submit apps and ideas that fell into one of our five main themes, we have finally narrowed the field down to our five finalists. Our panel of local leaders and industry experts spent over a week pouring over the various submissions to find the five that rose above the rest. These five finalists will move forward to the Acceleration Phase of the Phoenix Smart City App Hack where they will receive FREE app development services from our local partners. These companies will work with our finalists to help further refine their products in order to prepare them for the City Finale in October.

At the City Finale, these five finalists will compete against each other, and selected apps from our Online Competition (more information to come later), for the chance to win $3,000 and an all-expenses paid trip to Barcelona where they will represent PHX in the international competition at the Smart City Expo in November. There they will go up against the City Winners from our Smart City App Hack Partner Cities of Barcelona, Dubai, Helsinki, San Francisco, Portland, Berlin, Hong Kong, and Ghent.

So without further ado, the five finalists for the inaugural Phoenix Smart City App Hack are:

    Bloodhound: Laziest way to save a life! See more here

    Bus Plus: Never Miss The Bus Again. See more here

    HER: Amazon meets Siri. See more here

    ParkX: ParkX is a cloud-based smartphone payment solution that combines today’s 21st century technology with the parking industry, bringing convenience and efficiency to both the motorist and parking provider. See more here

    SYNERGY AZ: Building teams for civic projects – of/for/by the people! See more here


They talk about it in the news:

Stay tuned in the coming week for a full description of each app and the entrepreneurs behind them. You can also follow along with the finalists as they make their way through the Acceleration Phase and prepare for the City Finale at


Dubai Awareness Session

Over 50 people attended the Awareness Session yesterday, August 6th, the Smart City App Hack presentation and networking lunch event, organized by Dubai Internet City and hosted at in5 center.

Attendees had the chance to ask and clarify doubts with the organizers, meet some of the mentors in person and share ideas and updates on their apps.

The session closed with a speech by Ammar Malik, Director – Business Development, Dubai Internet City and Dubai Outsource Zone.

Copy of SF skyline

San Francisco joins the Smart City App Hack challenge!

We’re happy to announce that San Francisco is joining the global Smart City App Hack challenge (SCAH).

Welcome to the ‪#‎SCAH‬! Together with Barcelona, Helsinki, Dubai, Phoenix, Ghent, Portland, Hong Kong and Berlin; San Francisco will join the SCAH cities council as an associated city.

San Francisco’s participation will run in parallel to initiatives from the MAYOR’S OFFICE OF CIVIC INNOVATION (MOCI) such as the Entrepreneurship-in-Residence (EIR) program.

The EIR program brings City staff and startups together to explore, prototype, and test tech solutions for civic challenges. The City’s Chief Innovation Officer, Jay Nath, believes that San Francisco “needs teams in government that create products and services like a startup: scrappy, hungry, lean, and full of world-changing ideas.”

In 2014, EIR teams tackled issues including emergency alert messaging, airport navigation for the visually impaired, police data collection, and air quality monitoring. To read more about the EIR program and last year’s outcomes please visit:


One more city joining SCAH: Welcome Berlin!

Together with Barcelona, Helsinki, Dubai, Phoenix, Ghent, Portland and Hong Kong, Berlin will join SCAH cities council as an associated city.

In Berlin, there are already many interdisciplinary projects that generate and utilize synergies from the public sphere, science and research, as well as businesses. Thanks to the existing research landscape and the large number of innovative companies, the city has a huge potential, particularly in the fields of energy technologies, transport and mobility, information and communication technologies, as well as healthcare industries. And there is a clear political commitment for Berlin as a smart city: In April 2015, the Berlin Senate decided on the Smart City Berlin Strategy (German). The objectives of the smart city strategy include expanding the international metropolitan region, increasing the resource efficiency and climate neutrality of Berlin by 2050, and creating a pilot market for innovative applications. We would like the Berlin citizens to become an integral part of this pilot phase. They are the ones who live and work here, so they should be the ones who shape the Smart City of Berlin.