Culture and Tourism


Enjoying the cultural offer of a city is paramount to the wellbeing of citizens and a positive travel experience of visitors. The culture and tourism theme aims to harness the potential of mobile applications to give new impulses to the culture in the City. Here you will find the tools to create an app that facilitates access to the culture and supports the artistic talent of the city. Start creating your innovative solution and our mentors will help you throughout the process to make your app a reality!

Your brief:

Solutions for Culture and Tourism should deal with, but are not limited to the following aspects:

  • give access to the cultural agenda to all citizens and visitors in your city
  • help artists and any cultural agent in their work
  • connect makers of culture with their audience
  • offer personalized experiences for visitors
  • facilitate meaningful connections between visitors and citizens
  • help manage the flow of visitors in a city


Sometimes big problems are best described by breaking them down into smaller app-sized ones. Here’s some inspiration to get your creative juices flowing! ;)

Participation is culture!

How might we foster connection, exchange and creation within and between communities of a city?

It’s the people that make a culture come alive. Mobile apps can give users the tools to play a more active role in the creation of cultural experiences in their communities.

Diving into a culture

How might we create meaningful experiences for visitors to the city?

Every visitor is unique. They have very different profiles, interests, reasons to visit and each one has their own needs. Personalizing the experience of their visit is a key aspect for making their stay in the city meaningful.

New channels for culture

How might we make use of mobile devices to experience cultural offerings?

Reaching out to your audience is a fundamental challenge for makers of culture. But what happens if the mobile device itself becomes the platform for artistic expression?