What is FIWARE ?

is an open software platform for the creation of innovative Cloud-based applications and services. It brings both powerful and easy to use modules that allow developers to quickly and cost-effectively build their applications.

These public and royalty free components, called Generic Enablers (GEs), provide open standard APIs that make it easier for :

  • The development of Context-Aware applications
  • Connecting to the Internet of Things
  • Processing data and media in Real-Time at large scale
  • Performing BigData analysis or incorporate advanced user interface capabilities
  • Security
  • and many more

Availability of open source Generic Enabler implementations (GEis) will accelerate availability of multiple commercial FIWARE providers, all supporting the same set of APIs. As a result, FIWARE becomes an open alternative to existing proprietary Internet platforms. Therefore you’ll be able to decide who will operate the environment where your application and, even more important, your data will be hosted.



If you are an application developer, you can gradually incorporate FIWARE GEs in the architecture of your application to transform it into a truly smart application.

As an example, you may first try to incorporate the Context Broker GE in order to gather and manage context information and exhibit a context-aware behavior.

You can also use FIWARE GEs supporting connection to the Internet of Things so that your application can easily gather context information from sensors or actuate upon physical objects.

Later, you can add new FIWARE GEs helping you to process context information in real time or perform Big Data analysis of all the historic data gathered about contex

Real-time processing of media contents or the incorporation of advanced visualization features are also examples of the kind of advanced features you can incorporate into your application by means of using FIWARE GEs.

All the above GEs, as well as your own software components, can be hosted on the FIWARE Cloud, automating their provisioning and lifecycle

Discover all what FIWARE can do for you by means of following the

Quick FIWARE Tour Guide for developers.



The three following success stories will show you how to make the most of the FIWARE technologies


FoneSense is the largest audio billboard network in the world. FoneSense uses multi-sensory mobile engagement to enable advertisers to reach their target consumers and turn them into brand ambassadors, rewarding them with coupons, apps, cash or donations to charity.

Fi- guardian

FI-Guardian is a Smart Monitor for Adverse Events. It improves monitoring, enlarges communication channels, fortifies alert systems and promotes interoperability to assist citizens and governments so that they can face, together, adverse circumstances such as natural disasters.

Small Signals

Small Signals is a mobile app that allows the user to measure parameters (such as PH or water temperature), recover the historical data and perform actions over the actuators and relays. Also data from different origin can be mashed up into the mobile or the Cloud applications to use on the control logic

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Why FIWARE ? Transforming smart cities into engines of growth

FIWARE paves the way to innovation and helps to materialize a vision about Smart Cities that goes beyond just carrying out a more efficient management of city services: a vision where cities will transform into ICT enablers, supporting creation of innovative applications that will impact economic growth and well-being.

Today, more that 50 cities around the world are part of the Open & Agile Smart Cities (OASC) initiative which aims to kickstart the use of FIWARE standards to foster the development of Smart City applications and solutions. The commitment marks a milestone in the development of Smart Cities, boosting the transformation of cities into engines of growth and well-being through innovation.