FIWARE is an open software platform for the creation of innovative Cloud-based applications and services. It brings both powerful and easy to use modules that allow developers to quickly and cost-effectively build their applications. Development of context-aware applications, which connect to the Internet of Things, carry out real-time processing of data and content, perform BigData analysis or incorporate advanced user interface capabilities has never been so easy, saving developers time and effort.

FIWARE components provide APIs that are public and royalty free, supported by open source reference implementations. Its open nature allows FIWARE providers emerge faster in the market, activating the kind of competition and freedom of choice that are essential for innovation and growth.

In an effort to transform cities into engines of growth and innovation, both cities and the private sector have launched initiatives leading to standardized APIs and data management models. The enterprises Telefonica, Orange, Engineering and Atos have been pioneers in announcing their commitment to create a FIWARE Open Source Community aiming to support the evolution of standards for Smart Cities. This commitment, announced in Barcelona during 4YFN (Mobile World Congress), is but the first step of a path that must also be followed by cities themselves.

Start working with FIWARE GEs by taking the Quick Tour or checking the details of each GE by technology the FIWARE Catalogue.


MasterCard APIs

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See the webinar offered by Peter van der Linden at the Barcelona Hack Session:


Open Data

Each of the participating cities have lots of data and public resources that they will share with their participants in order to include in their apps. Check what each city has to offer by visiting the city you are interested in.