Retail and Shopping


Shopping is a core activity of our daily lives and one that still offers the chance to stroll, browse and interact with fellow citizens making each experience unique. Apps can enhance that experience giving it a social dimension, facilitating discovery or easing comparison and transaction.

Think of shopping as a process and you quickly see the abundant opportunities for mobile app solutions: from “Pre-Shopping” (explore, discover) to “Shopping” (find, experience, purchase) to “Post-Shopping” (share, evaluate).

Luckily we have great mentors from the world of retail, payments and technology that will support you in this journey across Fashion, Food, Beauty, Restaurants, Leisure and so much more!

Your brief:

Solutions for Retail and Shopping should deal with, but are not limited to the following aspects:

  • help consumers make better choices
  • connect local businesses with customers
  • create solutions for a sustainable consumption
  • add a social layer to the overall shopping experience


Sometimes big problems are best described by breaking them down into smaller app-sized ones. Here’s some inspiration to get your creative juices flowing! ;)

Small is beautiful!

How might we help small local businesses to better connect to its customers?

Small local business often struggle to keep up with the fast moving consumers trends rarely being able to tap into new customers. Apps can help connect citizens with businesses that are maybe just around the corner but rarely visited.

Smart Shopping

How might we help users to find the right product and make an informed buying decision?

From price comparison to product reviews – the consumer mindset has changed dramatically in recent years. Apps can provide information on the spot making it a win win both for customers and businesses.

Social shopping experience

How can we create a meaningful relationships between consumers and consumers and retailers and consumers?

Making shopping a connected social experience is a powerful opportunity for both businesses and consumers. From knowledge sharing to personalized offers and promotions, apps can create this missing link in the modern retail world.

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