The best international apps per category (Urban Mobility, Energy & Emission, Culture & Tourism, Collaborative City, Shopping & Retail) will form the 15 finalists of the Smart City App Challenge that will be invited to present at the Smart City Expo and compete for the final big prizes. These 15 finalists will be selected by an online jury, composed by international experts, representatives of the cities and partners, between all the finalist apps from the local SCAH competitions on each city,


  • To participate in this challenge you must agree with the Terms and Conditions and the conditions defined in the AppCircus Terms of Service.
  • Valid apps are those covering one or more of the 5 areas described in the Challenges section
  • You can join the challenge at any time prior to the app submission to get mentoring and create/improve your app.
  • Participation is open to any developer or firm. Web Apps are also considered valid.
  • The Challenge is open to ANY platform. However special prizes are given away to participants who use the FIWARE or Mastercard APIs.
  • The intellectual rights derived from the app belong to its creator (person, team or company).
  • In order to be able to receive the final prize(s), apps must be available in the Store of the platform for which they are developed by the end of the competition.
  • Prizes are not exclusive. You can win the prize associated to one of the general categories and win the special prizes given away to apps using FIWARE or MasterCard APIs.

Apps NOT permitted

  • Apps offensive to public or private institutions
  • Primarily political, sectarian or religious in nature
  • Discriminatory to any person or group of persons
  • Related to weapons/ammunition, tobacco, or adult-oriented

Evaluation criteria

  • Addresses the problem statement(s) and solves a real user’s needs
  • Quality of user interface
  • Technical and operational feasibility
  • Economic and financial sustainability
  • Creativity and innovation
  • Use of the resources required to apply for one of the special prizes (FIWARE APIs, MasterCard APIs, Open Data sets etc.)