The Collaborative City


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When it comes to defining cities, citizenship participation is paramount. In a collaborative city, local communities come together to address some of their own challenges in a collaborative way. Whether it is caring for our young, old and ill or tendering to the socially excluded apps can provide solutions at scale. The collaborative city connects citizens with the decision making process in all questions of public affairs. It offers it residents tools to actively shape their communities.
Why should you care? With over 80% of the world population living in cities solutions for a more collaborative city not only will have a huge societal impact. It might well be the only way forward.

Your brief:

Solutions for the collaborative city should deal with, but are not limited to the following aspects:

  • enable users to take part in the making-decision process.
  • allow users to make informed decisions.
  • help users to report their opinions around specific communal issues.
  • empower users to create their own tools and solutions.
  • improve efficiency and efficacy of the citizens’ participation process.


Sometimes big problems are best described by breaking them down into smaller app-sized ones. Here’s some inspiration to get your creative juices flowing! ;)

Participative Citizen

How might we engage citizens to participate in the city’s decision-making process?

Better informed users are a prerequisite for meaningful citizen participation. City administrations have begun to make the decision making process more accessible by providing data such as urban planning information. But participation also needs a true dialogue, connecting citizens and decision makers in a structured, actionable way.

Creative Citizen

How might we empower citizens to take action and create their own solutions?

From reporting of communal issues to teaming up in local grassroot communities – there are many ways to put citizens into the driving seat.

Data Citizen

How might we make use of data created by citizens and cities to build solutions for everyday problems?

Data created by citizens and cities is an abundant treasure for building solutions. But it’s not just ideas such as Citizens as Sensors that drive app innovation. It’s combining different data sources and sets that spark the real magic