Urban Mobility


Traffic and transportation is a major challenge of any urban environment where density, infrastructure, public transportation, weather and layout all play a major role. While each city has its own challenges, this theme focuses on how better access to information and services can lead to more efficient and effective mobility in the city.

Your brief:

Solutions for Urban Mobility should deal with, but are not limited to the following aspects:

  • inform users on traffic condition.
  • guide users in choosing the right means of transportation
  • help promote the use of sustainable mobility.


Sometimes big problems are best described by breaking them down into smaller app-sized ones. Here’s some inspiration to get your creative juices flowing! ;)

Getting around

How might we help users decide on the different options to get around town based on speed, health, fun, price?

Choosing the right means of transportation can be a complex process as it depends on many constantly changing factors. Apps that provide assistance in getting around have a great impact in the daily life of urban dwellers.

Emissions free mobility

How might we inform and incentivize users to opt for mobility choices that don’t have impact on emissions in the city?

Gaining a comprehensible understanding of ones own contribution to emissions in the city is a first step to induce change. But changing established habits needs a strong motivational pull mobile apps can deliver. Think of health, peer pressure, gamification…

Peer to peer mobility

How might we enable new models of sharing mobility solutions that create advantages for everyone?

Solutions to share a ride don’t necessarily need to be a disruptive force. Mobile solutions can tap into existing communities to facilitate a more distributed use of transportation.